Internet Exchange

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We do our task perfectly.

Rapid deployment

You will receive your desired product with a few mouse clicks within a few minutes. The delivery is automated and takes place in real time.

BGP Session

Our virtual servers also include a BGP Session (IPv4 & IPv6) with IP-Transit from AS61218


We provide you with a number of useful documentation that will make it easier for you to use and administer our services.

4b42 Internet Exchange Point

4b42 Internet Exchange Point is an neutral Internet Exchange located in Zurich, Switzerland and promotes the open peering policy. We provide Layer2 Network-Connections via Cross Connect, VLAN (virtual/dedicated server) or IP-Tunnel.

IPv4 Prefixes~4.000
IPv6 Prefixes~300

When it comes to cloud and infrastructure solutions, we rely on our partner Securebit.
Hurricane Electric is a Tier-1 carrier and provides us with IPv4 and IPv6 routes (IP transit)
We are Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre Member.
4b42 Internet and Hosting Solutions

Webinterface Cloud Manager

Securebit Virtual Server
Everything at a glance

The Securebit Cloud Manager is your central tool for the administration of your services. It allows you to keep track of your servers at all times and manage them with just a few clicks.

Securebit Virtual Server
Server Management

Our web interface allows you to configure or adjust the settings quickly and easily at any time. So you can set up your BGP session within minutes, adjust your revserse DNS settings or reinstall your virtual server.

Securebit Virtual Server
Full control even in an emergency

Of course, with our Cloud Manager you have access to the console of your virtual server at any time. So that you have full control and can take immediate action in case of an emergency.