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Internet resources

Securebit AG is a member of RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre). RIPE NCC is responsible for the allocation and assignment of Autonomous System Numbers (ASN) and IP addresses in Europe. As LIR (Local Internet Registry), we offer them at attractive conditions.

Product Setup Price Availability
ASN 16bit 100.00 EUR 10.00 EUR Annually N/A Sold out
ASN 32bit 50.00 EUR 10.00 EUR Annually N/A Sold out
256 IPs v4 PA Free of charge 200.00 EUR Monthly N/A Sold out
512 IPs v4 PA Free of charge 350.00 EUR Monthly N/A Sold out
/44 Subnetz v6 PA Free of charge 15.00 EUR Annually N/A Sold out
/43 Subnetz v6 PA Free of charge 30.00 EUR Annually N/A Sold out
Securebit Autonomous System Numbers
Autonomous System Numbers

We apply for your personal ASN at the RIPE. Send us the End User Assignment Agreement which you will receive from us after ordering your ASN. Once an ASN has been assigned to you, it will be visible in the Cloud Manager and you will receive an email from us with the information.

Please note that we have no influence on the processing time of ASNs, as these are assigned by RIPE. Normally an ASN will be assigned to you within a few days.

Securebit Resource Public Key Infrastructure
Protection against prefix hijacking

Secure your IPv4 and IPv6 subnets in our Cloud Manager with RPKI and challenge the prefix Hijacking. One click is enough and our system immediately creates the appropriate trust anchor for your Internet addresses.

Securebit IPv4 & IPv6 Prefixes
IPv4 & IPv6 Prefixes

In our Cloud Manager you can keep an eye on your Internet addresses at all times and quickly and easily set up subnets, route objects and DNS delegations for your IPv4 and IPv6 subnets.

IPv4 and IPv6 SUbnetze are automatically assigned to you by our system within a few minutes. Please note that the assignment of subnets can be delayed in case of high demand.